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Modern psychology meets ancient medicinal methods...
EFT, sometimes known as tapping, is a harmless non-invasive method that is easy to learn and has long term beneficial effects...

How does it work?
Study after study shows that when you are in a state of stress, anger, resentment, fear or sadness, guilt or shame, our ancient mechanism of switching on our amygdala gland (fight or flight response) immediately kicks in... to run from a lion in a bush.... our bodies flood with cortisol. In this busy stressful world, we live in, we are activating our amygdala all the time!
However, with tapping, we get to the amygdala, to the stress response.
Calm it down and rewire the brain.
We are in essence rewiring the way the brain is acting reacting. Tapping also calms the vagal nerves which send calming signals to the brain. So whilst we are tuning into emotional historical or current aspects, taping calms the underlying emotional issues and the body is brought back into balance enabling a sense of well being.
EFT is a very effective way of dealing with the pressures of everyday living. Once this easy technique is learnt, you can quietly tap to calm within seconds. 

Chica, with her insightful conversation and EFT skills, adjusted my thoughts which enabled me to let go of harboured grievances. I have been feeling upbeat ever since. 

Caroline Laurence. Cranial Osteopath.


Chica Herbert

Has been in the therapy field for over 25 years



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